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Code : V009
V009 Tokyo Blue (Var Arkorn)
The name of Tokyo Blue are favorite name for you. Because of we use same name of mother plant and the other one register name already, because of we use same mother plant but different plants. That make our Tokyo Blue (Var Arkorn) differ from the old plant.

The first stem can be bloom when the plant had 4 pairs of leave and 4-5 stem per year. The shape of plant is compact size, easy to pack and grow, the color is deeper blue than the old one. The flower per stem is a lot.

Code : V008
V008 Charming Two - Tone (Arkorn)
When you see this orchid for the first time ! You may thing this is a Vanda Sanderiana, but it is not. This is the newest orchid from our farm. Crossing between Vanda Primayothin * Vanda Chindawat. Our farm are proudly to present you ; incredible pink color on sepals and red color on petals, crystalline texture, free - flowering with excellent flower shape and substance. A must for any serious Orchid Collection.

Code : V007
V007 Arkorn Burgundy
This clone is new breeding of our farm, super large pink and red flowers of exceptional form borne on tall erect stems well above foliage. Growing so fast, free flowering and good form of plant so we are recommended you to have in your nursery.

Code : V001
V001 Robert’s Delight Black
You will wonder for Robert’s Delight Black that just only 5-6 pairs of leaves can produce the first bloom. And color which nearly to back is one of orchid that we recommend you to have in your nursery. Free flowering too.
* (Sold out)

Code : V002
V002 Robert’s Delight Red
Dark Red color, the size of flower can be 5.5-6 inches when fully bloom. The thickness of flower are make Robert’s Delight Red can bloom with you for long time.

Code : V004
V004 Pornpimol * Bangyikhan Red
Pornpimol and Bangyikhan Red are the well known orchid plant for the orchid lover. Our farm owned these plants for long time and both of them are good to be the mother plants so our farm are confident that this new hybrids will be good in healty plant, easy to grow, the flower is big size and can be both color (pink/ blue). So we asked you to have this plant as in you nursery.

Code : V003
V003 Dr. Anek
Pinkish Red color is soft and bright for you. Long stem of Dr. Anek make it’s easily for flower arrangement to arrange. When you grow in container and in door decoration when it bloom you will feel freshness in your room.

Code : V006
V006 Sansai
Name of Vanda Sansai is one of orchid the you ever heart before. Because of color which most likely to Coerulea make it be demand by orchid lover. You will wonder that our plant are free flowering.
* (Sold out)

Code : V005
V005 Lumpini Red * Coerulea
If you are the one who love Vanda Coerulea, you will love this V. Coerulea * V. Lumpini Red cause it resembly color of Lumpini Red and stripe of flower from Coerulea. The first stem you will see when plant have 5-6 pairs of leaves and free flowering too.
* (Sold out)

Code : A001
A001 Asco. Kultana Gold * V. Dr. Anek 4N
Crossing Ascocenda Yellow and Vanda Red color, we hope this plant will be free flowering and orange color. Cause now orange orchid is rarely, so we hope that you will the one who occupied is new plant.

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