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Orchid in Our Farm

Orchid in Our Farm

As we are a specialist  VANDA and  ASCOCENDA farm so we have a lot of beautiful orchid pictures and we would like to share those pictures to the orther orchid lovers. Hope you will love them too.

Note :  The pictures that shown in this folder are not sale because some of them are rare plant (the plant that live for more than 20 years and we have one).       

Orchid and My Dad

More than 30 yeas ago a young man went to orchid show for the first time.  The passion of that beautiful orchid never left of his mind, serveral times he went to orchid show and asked the grower how to grow the orchid. He bought Orchid book and read. When he feel that he can grow so he buy 8 plants of orchid (VANDA) to home (that time it like a hobby).

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